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Why the toner cartridge price difference is so huge ?

As a smart compatible toner cartridge buyer, I guess you will never only contact one supplier before you make the final purchase. Am I right ?

But maybe you will be quite confused when you get quotations from various compatible toner cartridge suppliers. Why the price difference is so huge for the same model of compatible toner cartridge ? Sometimes even 50%, what is the problem? Let me answer you

First, the toner cartridge supplier fill the empty cartridge with different quality of toner powder, especially for color toner cartridge, norrmally chemical color toner powder is much more expensive than physical toner powder.Of course chemical toner powder has better printing pages than physical toner powder, the color is more vivid , clear and sharp.

Second: The toner weight the supplier filled is different. This is very easy to understand.The more toner powder the supplier filled, the toner cartridge will be more expensive.

Third: The empty cartridge status the supplier use is different. There are both recyling remanufactured and compatible new empty cartridges in the market.Some suppliers use original recyling empty cartridges, some use compatible new empty cartridge.Certainly, both the toner cartridge price and quality is quite different.


So, please remember to ask your supplier what kind of toner and what is the gram they fill ? It is very important to buy a right quality for your copier, not only the cheapest toner cartridge, because it maybe damage your copier or can not give you printing results that you want.