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Chemical Toner Powder VS Physical Toner Powder

For Current color toner powder, there are two types, one is chemical toner powder and another one is physical toner powder.  For chemical toner powder,the manufacturer use chemical synthetic technology and has strict control on the material article size. So the finished chemical toner powder has good smoothness, reliable fusing, low melting points. All of this ensure chemical toner powder stable performance and energy saving.

Let us see the difference between chemical toner powder and physical toner powder

Quality Difference:

1): Deep Black and Obvious Gray-Scale Transition

Chemical Toner Powder guarantee the printed pictures more deeper and gray-scale transition more abovious exquisite and stereoscopic

2): With chemical toner powder , the printed letters are more clear and with sharp edges.

3): Thanks to the strict control on the material article size, chemical toner powder can perform better in fusing and gradation.

Printing Cost :

Due to high transfer efficiency, you need less chemical toner powder to print the same papers, in this way you will the cost for the printing. In addition this point, chemical toner powder produce less waste toner as well, which will dring down the printing cost again.

The above two ponts are the main difference for chemical toner powder and physical toner powder. For our compatible xerox color toner powder, we will provide you all chemical toner powder, so please do not hestate to contact us