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Riso Duplicator Ink And Master Roll

Digital duplicator ink is used for duplicator machine,Risograph, Ricoh, Duplo are the main brand duplicators in the market. But the duplicator machine market share is becoming smaller and smaller, they are mostly replaced by laser aand inkjet printers now, especially in the developed countries.

Because of low cost of consumables, the second hand duplicators are still used widely in africa countries, so there is still market for our duplicator ink and master roll. Today we will talk about the riso duplicator ink and master

For riso duplicator ink and master roll. The most popular model is Riso Z type and Riso F type duplicators, there are many universal models for these two series, Such as Riso EZ series, MZ series, RZ series, they all need chips. The machines can not work without chips.

Actually, the chips are different in various countries, this means the original Z type ink in china can not work in africa, because the chips are different. But for our compatible duplicator ink and master, the compatible chips are universal. It works in every country.

We also fill different quality ink for different models.so please do not hesitate and worry about our quality when you quote our ink and master. Here please check our following riso duplicator ink and master roll list.

RZ/RV1000RZ200   RZ220 RZ230 RZ310 RZ370 RZ390 RZ590S-4254
CZ800CZ180   CZ100 S-4877
CV800CV1860   CV3030 CV3130 CV3230S-4877
EZ1000EZ220   EZ221 EZ390 EZ391 EZ531 EZ571 EZ590 EZ591  S-4254
MZ1000MZ730   MZ770 MZ790  S-4254
Z TYPE1000

 EZ220   EZ221 EZ390 EZ391 EZ590 EZ591                                                                       MZ730 MZ770 MZ790                                                                                     RZ200 RZ220 RZ230 RZ310 RZ370 RZ390 RZ590

S-4254                        S-4253
F TYPE1000

SF5030   SF5050 SF5130 SF5230 SF5250                                                      

  SF5330 SF5350 SF5430 SF5450                                                                                   SF9450

S-6930U                    S-6930                         S-6930UA  
SF1000SF5030   SF5050 SF5130 SF5230 SF5250 SF5330 SF5350 SF5430 SF5450 SF 9450S-6930