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Riso Comcolor And HC5500 Refill Ink Cartridge

Thanks to the fast development of printer and copier technology, Whether you work in an networked office or a high volume production environment, your printing job can be done fast and quickly. As a leading manufacturer of riso duplicator ink and master, we are very sorry to say the worldwide duplicator ink and master market demand is really decreasing now. Because duplicator is really too slow and too old. it is replaced by laser priner, inkjet printer and copiers. 

But the good news is riso company launched new color inkjet printer, they are comcolor printer, HC5500 printer, GD series printer and FW series printer. These series color printers can offer you a combination of speed, economy, durability, and flexibility that can increase the effectiveness of your organization"s documents. Riso comcolor printer can even reach up to 160 pages per minute. But after you buy the wonderful riso comcolor printer, you will be sad to find genuine riso comcolor ink cartridge are super expensive. even 1000 USD per set. Compared with other printer inkjet cartridge, riso comcolor refill ink or ink cartridge are really expensive. right ?

Now we have good news for you, our company produce full lines of compatible riso comcolor ink cartrige, riso hc5500 ink cartridge. the price is only 20% of the original price, but we maintain the same printing quality. with German nano-scale grinding equipment and fine pigment oil based material, our riso comcolor refill ink and riso hc5500 refill ink will never damage your comcolor printhead or cartridge nozzle. 

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