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Compatible Copier OPC Drum

What is an OPC drum?

OPC Drum means Organic Photo Conductor Drum.  Though it doesn"t make a nice sound when struck, the copier opc drum is an important part of the copier . The opc drum and toner powder are definitely the most important items when the copier works. As the drum gets charged by a laser, it picks up toner, and then rolls that toner onto a piece of paper. The you can get printing results. So you definitley have to change opc drum frequently when you print more and more papers.

How to choose a good opc drum ?

Now there are both compatible and original opc drum in chinese market, but original opc drum is surely super expensive, so why do not you choose our compatible opc drum?There are many many different brands of compatible opc drum now. they are made in china, japan, korea, germany taiwan, malaysia etc. The price is different based on their quality.For a high quality opc drum, they should have long printing life, which means they can print more pages. also the printing pages should be more clear..

We carry full lines of compatible xerox opc drum, we have green, blue, purple color. You can choose any quality that meet your local market, Please check our following compatible xerox opc drum list.

BrandFor Use InDescription
    Phaser 5500/5550
OPC   Drum (Japan)
    DocuCentre 900/1100
    DocuCentre II6000/7000
OPC   Drum (Japan)
XEROXDocucentre   V2060/3060/3065
    ApeosPort V2060/3060/3065
OPC   Drum (Japan)
XEROXCopyCentre   245/255/265/275
    CopyCentre C165/C175
    WorkCentre 245/255/265/275
    WorkCentre 5150/5645/5655
    WorkCentre 5665/5675/5687
    WorkCentre 5735/5740/5745/5755
    WorkCentre 5765/5775/5790
    WorkCentre 5845/5855/5865
    WorkCentre 5875/5890
    WorkCentre M165/M175
    WorkCentre Pro 165/245/255
    WorkCentre Pro 265/275
OPC   Drum (Japan)
XEROXWorkCentre   5945i/5955i
    WorkCentre 5945/5955
OPC   Drum (Japan)
    WorkCentre 5325/5330/5335
OPC   Drum (Japan)
XEROXDocuCentre   IVC2260/2263/2265
    WorkCentre 7120/7125/7220/7220T/7225/7225T
OPC   Drum (Japan)
    Phaser 7500/7500DN/7500DT
    Phaser 7500DX/7500N
Long   Life OPC Drum
    DocuColor 240/242/250/252/260
    WorkCentre 7655/7665/7675
    WorkCentre 7755/7765/7775
    Color 550/560/570
OPC   Drum-Black (Japan)
    DocuColor 240/242/250/252/260
    WorkCentre 7655/7665/7675
    WorkCentre 7755/7765/7775
    Color 550/560/570
OPC   Drum-Color (Japan)